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Apps You Need To Download For Android

Are you getting a little bored of your Android phone? Then it’s about time that you check out some new apps. You can download everything from social media to Android spy apps on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the best ones that can help you stay in touch with friends, family, and other loved ones.

Check Out These Top Apps For Your Android:


Since its creation almost 10 years ago, Tumblr’s grown significantly. It makes it easy for users to share their photos, videos, and more. In addition, it’s a blogging platform that can be accessed on any Android phone.


When you want to stay connected with your Facebook friends on the go, the app is a must. It’s an easy to use mobile version of the world’s most popular social media site. Because so many people use it, some parents install an Android spy app on their kids’ phones to see who they’re talking to on Facebook.

You can download so many types of Android spy apps.
Android users have thousands of apps to choose from.


Wickr is a great app for secure and encrypted messaging. When you use it, all of your messages will be protected from anyone else who’s trying to access your phone.


Unlike some of the apps on this list, Viber is a program you actually download on your Windows computer. It allows you to send and receive Viber messages, as well as phone calls, right on your laptop or desktop.

Additional Safety Apps

If you take a look at the Google Play Store, you’ll find a huge selection of apps that can enhance your phone’s performance and safety. Android spy software in particular is very popular, because it allows you to spy on a mobile phone without having physical access to it. So, if you suddenly lose your phone, you’ll be able to track it down.

Are there any cool apps that I left off this list? Contact me and let me know!

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