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How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On An iPhone

Today, we’re constantly connected to the world around us. Because of that, we like to keep some things handy just in case we need them in the future. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with text messages. For example, if you’re using an iPhone, you might accidentally delete some important ones. The good thing is that there are a few ways to retrieve deleted texts. One of the most popular has to be the use of an iPhone spy program.

Ways To Find Deleted Texts:

Through Your Phone Company

Before anything else, you should check with your service provider to get deleted texts. Not all companies provide this, but many of them keep an archive of your SMS messages. It’s your right to access them when you need to. In some cases, you can even do this by logging into your online account or calling customer service.

Through iTunes

If you’re in the habit of backing up your text messages regularly, then you can use iTunes to find them. Here’s how:

This could work as long as you back up your text messages immediately. Here’s tips on how to try this:

1. Open iTunes.

2. Select your iPhone from the list on the right.

3. Click on “Backup” and select “Restore.”

Through A Third Party Software

Find out how you can find lost text messages.
Fortunately, there are a few different ways to retrieve text messages.

If the above methods don’t work for you, there’s no need to worry. There are numerous third party apps that you can use to locate your deleted texts. Just be warned – not all third party iPhone spy apps are guaranteed to work. That’s why you need to read a few reviews to help you decide on which app you should download.

What About iPhone Spy Apps?

Did you have an iPhone spy app installed on your phone? If so, then it recorded all of your activity on your phone, including the text messages you sent and received. That means you can still read texts that have been deleted. Plus, these kinds of apps give you peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about accidentally deleting something important, because the iPhone spy will automatically save it for you.


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