The Best Apps For Co-Parenting

Co-parenting can be a challenge even if you are one of those rare couples that actually get along really well. But luckily, as they say, there’s an app for that. There’s actually several different apps for everything you need to manage when you’re co-parenting. There are apps for sharing schedules and appointments, setting up custody handoffs, and even apps for co-parents. All of these apps are available for iOS or for Android platforms and they are great for streamlining the co-parenting process and keeping communication with your ex to a minimum and in writing.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is the app by family court judges around the country. This app is like the master list you never knew you needed. It has a comprehensive schedule that can be customized, synced, and shared. It also has pages for parenting plans and vital communication between parents that should be documented.

2 Houses

2 Houses is a scheduling app that has note space built in so that parents who have their kids for a few days each week can sync schedules with the other parent, make lists of needed items like bathing suits, school clothes, or athletic equipment, and keep lists and records of expenses and money spent in case the parents are splitting costs or need to document costs for court. With everyone in one convenient shared app there’s no way that one parent can say they didn’t know about certain expenses or what night that soccer game is.

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Talking Parents

Talking parents is  for co-parents who have a contentious relationship and want to have all communication, parenting plans, and agreements on the record. This app records everything and gives both parents access to all agreements and plans so that there is no confusion and no miscommunication. This app works great on a tablet

Custody Exchange

If you need just a basic app to set up custody schedules, holiday custody agreements, and handoff plans with your co-parent this is a great app for that. It’s simple, no frills, but effective. This is also a great app to prove how much time each child has spent with each parent.

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